Destiny is a frequently used word in our daily life. Some of us believe in destiny and rest doesn’t believe.

I do believe in destiny that this is what God has stored for me but at the same time if we are strong enough we can change our destiny also

Yes, I do feel that everything happen for some reason… may be sometime we don’t understand that it’s always for good. Just because it was not good which happened to us , we think why god is unfair to us, but we never realize that sometime something worst could have been stored than this..

If our life is going smooth, sometime we just started taking life and everyone around us for granted. But trust me life has its own way to teach us that everyone who came into our life and has touched our live anytime anywhere is important to us.

Trust me your spouse, your kids and your parents are the most altruistic people in your life.

How many times we really help people who are fighting for their lives rather than just feeling pity about them. When a person is going with so many complication in his life , they just need love & care , just your love, care & support can help them overcome the biggest obstacles in their life.

Believe me or not. ! Positive approach is all you need in your life.


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